Consider this:

The individual effectiveness of your employees is what drives your business success.

Individual skills underpin business performance. What’s common for all skills – is they can be learned.
We work with you to create bespoke programmes.

So, the question for your business is:

  • 42% of New Zealanders (aged 16-65) do not have the level of literacy or numeracy they need to perform their jobs well. OECD 2016.
  • Employee wellbeing is directly linked to individual’s physical health and job performance. Adecco 2018.
  • 82% of businesses linked better health and safety to employees’ literacy and basic skills training. Aspire2Business 2019.
  • Do your people have the skills they need to do their jobs optimally?
  • What well-being practices do you have in place to improve productivity?
  • What’s your health and safety risk due to your people’s skills gaps?

Confidence Can… is your local partner in developing your people.

It’s about:

  • more effective performance
  • confidence with technology
  • improved communication / fewer errors
  • improved customer service
  • increased staff morale and well-being
  • reduced absenteeism and turnover
  • increased profitability
  • and more…

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